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  • An Entire Career Behind the Wheel
  • 27 years driving for a major delivery service company (23 Year Safe Driving Award)
  • 4 years as a contract driver for major corporations


  • Corporate assignments
  • Relocations
  • Vehicle Delivery
  • Long-distance services
John Nichols owner


What do you charge for your services?

Typically, I start at 75 cents per mile, depending on the distance and location.  This figure includes all of my expenses, from food and lodging, to my return transportation. You are required to cover all costs for gas and insurance. Longer trips, of 1,000 miles or more, are more cost efficient. I will provide a firm quote once all of the logistics of the trip have been finalized.

What type of expenses do you usually incur?

I love living a simple life on the road. I’m comfortable staying in budget hotels and enjoy eating at roadside cafes and other affordable restaurants. When it comes to getting back home, I’ll make every effort to find the cheapest flight (or train for shorter trips.) And as you could probably guess, I prefer to fly coach. I am a member of the following Reward Programs to help keep my costs at a minimum.  Marriott Rewards, Southwest Airlines Rewards and Wyndham Rewards.

How far can you travel in a day?

I typically enjoy driving 550-600 miles per day. I may be able to push a little further if the job requires, but safety always comes first. Of course weather, traffic and the type of highway will factor into this distance on any given trip.

Does it matter what kind of vehicle I have?

I can drive manuals or automatics, SUVs and vans, anything up to but not including CDL trucks. Cruise control is always nice and can actually reduce your per-mile fee. I do ask that that the vehicle be in road-worthy condition and you must be willing to pay any maintenance expenses that incur while it is in my possession.

If I rent a moving van, will you drive it for me?

I’ll drive moving vans up to 26 feet (no CDLs). If I have to pick-up and return the van, I might as well lend a hand loading it, but remember, I’m a driver, not a mover. I’ll charge you a fair price for loading assistance, but someone else will need to supervise the packing.

Do you allow passengers to come along?

I’m easy going on the road so if you have someone who needs a ride, I’m happy to drive them. Passengers are allowed to travel with me at no additional charge, but they must cover their own expenses for food and lodging.

Will you take the quickest route to the destination?

You have the final decision on what route I take - as long as I have a paved road, I’m good to go. Be aware that two-lane roads, while often more scenic, will usually make for a longer trip and a higher fee. But that’s your call.

My car is my prized possession. Will you take good care of it?

I’ll treat your car like a castle. I never eat in a client’s vehicle and my coffee, tea or water will be capped to avoid spills. I don’t smoke and I always drive the speed limit to avoid any unnecessary wear.

Will you take my pet with you?

As a devout animal lover, I’d be happy to deliver your pet to the destination. It will give me someone to talk to. There will be an extra charge for this service, which includes walking and feeding the pet at least every 150 miles. If I need to find a pet-friendly hotel, that could also affect the rate.

How much cargo can I load onto my vehicle?

Go ahead and pack it in tight. As long as I can access the driver’s seat and see out of the mirrors, that’s all I need. You can also hitch up a trailer, provided your vehicle is capable of safely towing it.

What if I need to go to Canada?

I’ll happily cross the border into Canada. You’ll need to provide a complete list of items in the vehicle so that I don’t get caught up in customs.


The best way to get the ball rolling is to send me an email. Provide as much detail as possible about your trip. I’ll do my research, crunch the numbers and then get back to you with a detailed quote within 48 hours.

Please email me and provide as many details as possible on your trip for a detailed quote.
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